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Hi Dan,

Having WSSSPE4 in the fall is a good idea.

I like the best practices demo idea.  At least my project, DL_POLY, in my group is having a good stab at this (continuous integration and testing, cross OS building system, code coverage, etc.) and we can present.

Having other demos, non-HPC and non-Computational Chemistry, will be fun to have too.  Best practices exists but how they are improved and applied are interesting questions to be answered.  Whether these are followed and whether a research software engineer has the time, resources and infrastructure at their disposal to follow is a different matter.




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Hi Dan,

I think the existing features of the past WSSSPE workshops are fine. If some new components are to be considered for the WSSSPE4 program, then I would suggest the following:

(1) short, hands-on course/demo of sustainable practices such as software citation, benchmarking software quality, etc.;

(2) a poster session to engage undergraduate or graduate students;

(3) follow-up reports from various WSSSPE3 working groups.


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On 2/16/16 10:19 AM, Daniel S. Katz wrote:

Please let me know your thoughts about a WSSSPE4 meeting, probably in the fall/autumn.

What would you want such a meeting to accomplish, thinking of what we’ve done previously and what new topics might have come up.

Where should such a meeting take place?

Should we do this along with any other event?


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