[WSSSPE] Research Computing Stack Exchange experiment

Chris Hill cnh at mit.edu
Wed Nov 22 08:47:46 PST 2017

Hi All,

 I am part of an experiment to see if a "research computing" stackexchange forum
could be useful and viable.

 We have a pilot project at


 that is the first step (of many) to this becoming a bona fide
stackexchange forum,
 if it can. A colleague suggested this list might be a forum that
would have some
 interest in participating?

 The whole process is quite involved but to get started and see if it
is useful we are
 looking for people who might be willing to

 1. sign up (see link above)
 2. post some example  questions (these help the so-called definition phase to
     scope the forum)
 3. vote for some questions that are good exemplars for the proposed forum
 4. suggest edits to questions.
 5. pass an invite on to other colleagues/forums that you think may
     have an interest.
 6. stay involved, make suggestions etc...

 To move to next stage we need 40 questions with 10 votes. So voting for things
 that already have 10 votes while good for self-expression makes it harder to
 get to the next stage.

 Thats all. Happy Thanksgiving to US folks, and hope this post is of interest.


Chris Hill, MIT

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