[WSSSPE] Fwd: Call for Participation: Software benchmarking workshop, April 20, KCL

Neil Chue Hong (SSI) N.ChueHong at software.ac.uk
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Hi All,

the following event may be of interest to those of you who are
involved in benchmarking scientific software.

Best regards,

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Subject: Call for Participation: Software benchmarking workshop, April 20, KCL
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Dear all,

this event at KCL will hopefully be of interest to some of you. We are
especially keen to have participants from a wide range of fields, not
just from computer science. So, if benchmarking is important to your
work, please do join us! Details below...

Best Practices in Software Benchmarking 2016 (#bench16)
Wednesday April 20 2016
King's College London

For computer scientists and software engineers, benchmarking (evaluating the
running time of a piece of software, or the performance of a piece of hardware)
is a common method for evaluating new techniques. However, there is little
agreement on how benchmarking should  be carried out, how to control for
confounding variables, how to analyse latency data, or  how to aid the
repeatability of experiments. This free workshop will be a venue for computer
scientists and research software engineers to discuss their current best
practices and  future directions.

For further information and free registration please visit:

Confirmed Speakers:

Jan Vitek (Northeastern University)
Joe Parker (The Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens)
Simon Taylor (University of Lancaster)
Tomas Kalibera (Northeastern University)
James Davenport (University of Bath)
Edd Barrett (King's College London)
Jeremy Bennett (Embecosm)


Sarah Mount & Laurence Tratt (King's College London)

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