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Preliminary Call for Contributions for the Journal of Software Evolution and Processes - Special Issue on Software Engineering for Sustainability (SE4S)

Editors: Patricia Lago and Birgit Penzenstadler

Mankind has exceeded a number of our planet’s boundaries for safe operation. Consequently, research has put the topics of sustainability and resilience on its agenda. Over the last few years, this has lead to significant research efforts in various disciplines, one of them being software engineering. Software engineering for sustainability (SE4S) addresses the role and impact of software engineering in a sustainable society that is incrementally intertwined with ecological changes, social challenges, economic imperatives and technical demands and opportunities. In recent years, a number of workshops and conferences started addressing specific research challenges related to SE4S, inter alia GREENS, RE4SuSy, ICT4S, GInSEng, SAGRA, and SEIS at ICSE. GREENS centers around green software, RE4SuSy focusses on requirements engineering for sustainable systems, ICT4S encompasses all aspects around ICT systems for sustainability, GInSEng works on green in software engineering, SAGRA relates sustainable architecture topics, and SEIS discusses the impact of software engineering on and for an increasingly sustainable society. These venues brought forth a significant amount of work on the different aspects of SE4S. This special issue will gather the most promising yet mature research results.

This special issue aims at attracting contributions addressing: how software itself can be engineered to be (or become) more energy efficient (or greener); how software processes (and hence the software industry) can become more sustainable and achieve various sustainability requirements; and how software systems can help realizing the ambitious sustainability objectives of our society.

We invite articles including but not limited to the following topics:

        • Software engineering for sustainability as main objective
        • Software systems for a sustainable lifestyle
        • Engineering sustainable software systems
        • Software systems for monitoring sustainability
        • Standards for sustainability related to software systems
        • Green software engineering
        • Engineering energy efficient software
        • Sustainability as a software quality property
        • Software engineering for catastrophe-resilient systems
        • Analysis of existing software systems w.r.t. sustainability
        • Sustainable software engineering
        • Sustainable software architecture
        • Evolution of sustainable software systems
        • Software processes for supporting sustainability
        • Architecture assessment of sustainability-related concerns
        • Design decision making for sustainable software
        • Measurement and estimations of software sustainability
        • Empirical methods and studies in all aspects of SE4S

Submission deadline: February 15, 2016

Contact: birgit.penzenstadler at csulb.edu and p.lago at vu.nl
JSEP: Journal of Software Evolution and Processes  (IF 0.624)

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