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> **Apologies for cross posting** 
> Force2016 Conference 
> Dates: Preconference: April 17, 201; Main conference: April 18-19, 2016
> Venue: Portland, Oregon
> Hashtag: #Force2016
> Site:  <http://www.force2016.org/>www.force2016.org <x-msg://20/www.force2016.org>
> Chair: Melissa Haendel
> Program Chairs: Susanna Sansone and Nicole Vasilevsky
> The FORCE2016 Research Communication and e-Scholarship Conference brings together a diverse group of people interested in changing the way scholarly and scientific information is communicated and shared. Join us in Portland if you are passionate about transforming research processes and scholarly communication in support of maximizing accessibility and efficiency. Keynote speakers include John Brownstein (Harvard Medical School) <http://www.childrenshospital.org/researchers/john-brownstein>, Cassidy Sugimoto (Indiana University) <http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~sugimoto/index.php>, Phil Bourne (NIH) <http://www.sdsc.edu/~bourne/> and the Alan Alda Institute for Communicating Science <http://www.centerforcommunicatingscience.org/>.
> Who is it for? Scholars, researchers, librarians, data managers, grant administrators, funders, publishers, editors, societies and anyone else interested in scholarly communications
> What is Force11? FORCE11 is a grass-roots organization that aims to improve knowledge creation and sharing by encouraging better use of new technologies by working across disciplines, roles and sectors. Everyone is welcome to join Force11 <https://www.force11.org/> and participate in a variety of working groups, task teams and pilot projects.
> SUBMIT ABSTRACTS: Posters, Demos, Sessions at this form here <http://force11.us7.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=5e2d2ee75f2d3afd1d39a666d&id=64af21b943&e=45b944a225>.
> Sessions descriptions:
> No see, no touch traps: still struggling to escape or free at last? <https://www.force11.org/meetings/force2016/concurrent-session-no-see-no-touch-traps-still-struggling-escape-or-free-last> - Open Access let the world first see (access), and then use (license) research content. But access doesn’t stop at the point of reading.
> Starting off on the right foot with data management <https://www.force11.org/meetings/force2016/concurrent-session-starting-right-foot-data-management> - Calling for participants to argue positions on data sharing
> Data by the people, for the people <https://www.force11.org/meetings/force2016/session-data-people-people> – Ethical considerations for human subjects research and patient data sharing
> Pitch it: innovation challenge <https://www.force11.org/meetings/force2016/session-pitch-it-innovation-challenge> – Give us your great ideas on how to change scholarship!
> Travel Fellowship Funding - Apply Today <https://www.force11.org/meetings/force2016/forms/travel-fellowship-application> Travel Fellowships are available for up to $1,200 for travelers within the US and Canada, and up to $2,000 for international travelers. While applications will be accepted from anyone who wishes to attend the conference and demonstrates a need for support, we especially encourage applications from student/young scholars and those from beyond North America and Europe. 
> SUBMIT TO HOST: Pre-conference Workshops and Meetings Sunday, 17 April 2016, is available for groups who want to meet in conjunction with the FORCE2016 conference, whether for workshops, informal or formal collaborations, or business meetings. Meetings should be related to the goals and mission of FORCE11 <https://www.force11.org/about>. If you are interested in hosting a meeting at the FORCE2016 venue, please submit this form <https://www.force11.org/meetings/force2016/forms/pre-conference-meeting-proposals>. 

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