[WSSSPE] call for participation at upcoming events

Daniel S. Katz dsk at uchicago.edu
Sat Apr 18 13:01:04 PDT 2015


WSSSPE2.1 will be at SciPy in Austin on July 10, from 1:30 - 4:30.  This was a lot of fun last year, with good discussions from existing projects in how they were working towards sustainability, and I think it will be good again this year.  Matt Turk and I will be organizing the event.

WSSSPE3 will be in Boulder, CO, on September 28-29, for 1 1/2 days (exact times to be determined) with at least part of the following day used by the organizing committee to work on a report.  If you would lie to be involved in organizing WSSSPE3, please let me know.

The web pages on http://wssspe.researchcomputing.org.uk <http://wssspe.researchcomputing.org.uk/> will be updated as more information is determined.

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